MLV & Co is a leading investment bank focused on providing innovative financial advisory and capital markets solutions to its clients in our focus sectors, offering solutions not just products. Our financial professionals assist our select client base in accessing debt and equity capital from a variety of sources and geographies (Americas, Europe, Asia) in very creative and cost effective ways. Most importantly, MLV provides its clients with advice that it would utilize itself as principal.

Industry Sectors


MLV & Co offers solutions only to a very select and diverse set of clients and relationships seeking assistance on pressing strategic issues.  Our professionals choose our engagements carefully and offer a unique approach to supporting a company’s strategy, growth and profitability. We also lend our principal investment expertise to a variety of advisory solutions on select client engagements, including mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, strategic  planning, private placements of debt and equity,  fairness opinions/valuation, project finance, and restructuring.

Capital Markets

Our team is rigorously focused on maximizing the efficiency at which companies are able to tap the capital markets. The tools we offer companies are designed to maximize proceeds to the company while preserving existing shareholder value.

  • At-the-Market Offerings

    MLV & Co. is the market leader in At-the-Market (“ATM”) offerings. ATM is a shelf based offering which enables a public company to sell registered shares at the then prevailing market price, at the time and in amounts of its choosing. The price and volume of sales in an ATM are solely determined by the issuer. ATM is the most efficient method for a public company to raise capital as it maximizes proceeds and minimizes dilution for an issuer.

  • Debt Offerings

    MLV & Co. is active in the origination and execution of a variety of fixed income products, including baby bonds, high yield bonds, and investment corporates, convertible notes, and hybrid instruments. Our model is predicated on providing the best possible pricing for the issuer.

  • Initial Public Offerings

    MLV & Co. has led or managed over 30 initial offerings of common stock, preferred stock, and bonds.

  • Preferred & Baby Bond Offerings

    MLV & Co. is a market leader in providing long dated or perpetual capital to issuers seeking to expand their capital base without issuing common equity or short- or medium-term notes.

  • Secondary Offerings

    MLV & Co. is a regular participant in traditional follow-on as well as overnight stock and bond offerings that re-open existing issues. We leverage our distribution network to provide the most favorable terms to the issuer, minimize discounts, and maximize proceeds per share.